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inappropriate adj
1 not suitable for a particular occasion etc; "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness"; "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach"; "put inappropriate pressure on them" [ant: appropriate]
2 not conforming with accepted standards of propriety or taste; undesirable; "incorrect behavior"; "she was seen in all the wrong places"; "He thought it was wrong for her to go out to work" [syn: incorrect, wrong]
3 not in keeping with what is correct or proper; "completely inappropriate behavior" [syn: incompatible, out or keeping(p), unfitting]

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in- + appropriate


  • (UK) /ˌɪnəˈpɹəʊpɹiət/, /%In@"pr\@Upr\i@t/
  • (US) /ˌɪnəˈpɹoʊpɹiət/, /%In@"pr\oUpr\i@t/
  • Hyphenation: in·ap·pro·pri·ate


  1. Not appropriate; not suitable for the situation.
    It is inappropriate to burp at a formal dinner.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aberrant, abnormal, abominable, adrift, atrocious, bad, beside the mark, beside the point, beside the question, chintzy, criminal, delinquent, deviant, discordant, disgraceful, evil, excessive, extraneous, extrinsic, futile, hardly the thing, ignominious, ill-adapted, ill-advised, ill-assorted, ill-chosen, ill-considered, ill-fitted, ill-matched, ill-seasoned, ill-sorted, ill-suited, ill-timed, illegal, immaterial, impertinent, impolitic, improper, in bad taste, inadmissible, inadvisable, inapplicable, inapposite, inapt, inauspicious, incidental, incompatible, incongruous, inconsequent, inconsonant, inconvenient, incorrect, indecent, indecorous, indelicate, indiscreet, inelegant, inept, inexpedient, infamous, infelicitous, inharmonious, inopportune, intempestive, intrusive, irrelative, irrelevant, late, mal a propos, maladjusted, malapropos, misjoined, mismatched, mismated, misplaced, mistimed, nihil ad rem, nonessential, not at issue, not done, not the thing, off base, off the subject, off-base, off-color, offensive, out of character, out of joint, out of keeping, out of line, out of phase, out of place, out of proportion, out of season, out of time, out of tune, out-of-line, out-of-the-way, parenthetical, premature, sacrilegious, scandalous, shameful, shameless, sinful, tasteless, terrible, too late, too soon, unadapted, unapt, unbecoming, unbefitting, unbeseeming, uncongenial, undesirable, undignified, undue, unessential, unfavorable, unfit, unfitted, unfitting, unfortunate, ungenteel, unhandy, unhappy, unharmonious, unlawful, unlucky, unmeet, unprofitable, unpropitious, unqualified, unready, unrighteous, unripe, unseasonable, unseemly, unstable, unsuitable, unsuited, untasteful, untimely, untoward, unwise, vulgar, wicked, wrong, wrongful
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